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Tok Sen Massage

What is Tok Sen Massage?


Tok Sen is a therapeutic treatment for myofascial pain. By tapping the body (using a wooden "hammer" and "pestle"), vibrations are sent through the nerves, muscles and connective tissue to treat muscle and tendon pain. Light "knocking" of different intensities and contact on different parts of the body. 

Tok Sen treatment and maintenance have a positive effect on literally every part and function of the body:

  • Improvement of blood flow. Better blood flow means better tendon care and faster release of blocked energy.

  • Muscle relaxation; stiff and tight muscles squeeze the capillaries, which reduces the flow of blood through the muscles and causes muscle inflammation.

  • It stimulates the peripheral nerves, which move parallel to the capillaries. Every beat of the hammer, every vibration nourishes the capillaries and peripheral nerves, which in turn stimulates the muscles.

  • It relieves pain of various causes

  • Headaches caused by nerve problems, migraines, brain degeneration, blurred vision and hearing loss

  • Shoulder pain, neck sprain, shoulder tendon stiffness, immobile arm

  • Shortened tendons that put pressure on the joints, stiffness in the back muscles, problems in the shoulder blades and back pain

  • Pain in the lower back, inflamed spinal cord, difficulty in bending the trunk

  • Lumbar pain and nerve compression

  • Pain in the thighs, stiffness of the back, sprained patella

  • Calf muscle pain, sole pain, numbness

  • Pain in the hand, elbow, numbness of the hand and palm.

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