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Chi nei Tsang

What is Chi nei Tsang?


Chi Nei Tsang is a technique of abdominal massage that originated from Taoism, and is a fusion of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Thai technique of massage of internal organs. In translation, it literally means "work with the energy of the internal organs" or "transformation of the chi energy of the internal organs".

It is associated with the practice of Buddhist priests who lived in monasteries, and as an aid on their journey they used these techniques to detoxify and strengthen their bodies in order to maintain their spiritual practice at a high level. 

CNT detoxifies and tones internal organs, releases suppressed emotions and releases structural tensions. Chi, life energy, moves through the body's internal channels, nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems. All of the above are concentrated and meet in the abdomen, which has the role of their "control center". Tensions, worries, fears (negative emotions) and daily stress accumulate precisely in the abdomen, which can lead to countless ailments, including but not limited to: poor digestion, constipation, flatulence, insomnia, toxicity of the whole body, poor skin quality and inability to lose weight.

Anxiety, depression, worry, fear and anger are probably the most common emotions that drain our energy. These emotions can become a vicious negative cycle that is difficult to get out of. Taoist Chi Nei Tsang massage is one of the most effective treatments for emotional balance. The internal organs retain negativity that hinders the flow of energy and creates knots that reduce our vitality.


Many massage therapists avoid abdominal massage, but the Taoists knew that releasing energy blockages gives phenomenal results. Chi Nei Tsang is associated with the practice of Buddhist priests. Detoxification helped them strengthen their bodies and maintain their spiritual practice at a high level. Some of the many benefits of Chi Nei Tsang are; stimulating the work of internal organs, circulation of lymph and blood, and eliminating pain in the back muscles. Also, the focus is very often on correct breathing. Along with the massage itself, we teach you how to properly use our often unused superpower- breath. Chi Nei Tsang is a support...a massage that does not command but supports the natural intelligence of the organism.

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