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Masaža Psoasa

What is Psoas Massage?


Psoas - soul muscle - located deep in the core of our body affects every aspect of life...

The bridge that connects the trunk to the legs, the psoas is crucial for a balanced connection, proper joint rotation, and full muscle range of motion.

When moving, a happy psoas constantly massages the lumbar part of the spine, organs and nerves, stimulates flow throughout the body and creates a feeling of grounding and centering.

A deep psoas massage is extremely pleasant and helps with pain in the lumbar/thoracic spine, pain in the hips, groin, abdomen, legs, and promotes free energy flow.

Benefits of psoas masswill:

  1. Reduction of lower back pain: The psoas muscle can become tense and shortened due to prolonged sitting, poor posture, or overuse. This can cause lower back pain. Massaging the psoas can relax this muscle, releasing tension and reducing pain.

  2. Improving flexibility: A psoas massage can help increase the flexibility of this deep muscle. A more flexible psoas allows greater range of motion in the pelvic area and hip.

  3. Relief from tension in the pelvis:A psoas massage can release tension in the pelvis, which can be beneficial for people suffering from pelvic or hip problems.

  4. Improving posture:When the psoas is relaxed and flexible, it can improve posture, reducing pressure on other parts of the spine and muscles.

  5. Relaxation of body and mind:Psoas massage, like most massage therapies, has a relaxing effect on the body and mind. By releasing the tension in this deep muscle, you will feel more relaxed and calm.

  6. Improvement of circulation: Massaging the psoas can improve blood flow to this area, leading to a better supply of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles.

  7. Help in releasing emotional tensionand: The psoas muscle is sometimes called the "muscle of the soul" because it is associated with emotional tension. Massaging the psoas can help release emotional tension that can build up in this area of the body.



With this massage, we guarantee deep relaxation! 

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